Hello Guys! My Name is Ericka Martinez!

I am an independent picture taker, it is my side interest, it is my life. I genuinely adore it with each ounce of my spirit. It powers me and makes me exceptionally glad.

I’ll post some of my latest work down underneath for you to take a gander at!

My adoration for Photography happened upon me when I was 9 years of age when my Dad got me a kodak camera. It was the most peculiar thing I had ever observed. By one means or another on the off chance that I pointed and clicked, an infinitesimal opening in this crate took the outside world and put it onto a bit of sticky paper.

Mind Blown.

Precisely how I felt. It was nuts. I couldn’t wrap my psyche around it.

In any case, I was snared, I couldn’t stop. I’ve purchased 2 Nikons and 3 Canons since. Gracious and an Lomographic Fisheye Number 2 Camera, look at what this infant resembles!

Cracking NUTS!

In the event that you have ever pondered like, how TF would i be able to recollect something? Well the most ideal way is through photography. It is too great.

I didn’t disclose to you much about me! Sorry I’ve had sooooo much caffeine today! This new Teavana tea I got a week ago has been soooo stunning, just to the detriment of influencing my cerebrum to go wild!

I grew up a spongebob young lady, I was Lavagirl for Halloween and ridiculously miss the school transport. I had such huge numbers of companions on the transport and we used to simply sit and talk for hours(or what felt like it) while we were en route home from school. Presently a days it just appears we are all on our telephones notwithstanding when we are up close and personal.

I miss the past times. It was so great. Genuinely. So much has happened now.

This was me Senior Year of High School 2011

Well I’ll give you a chance to get back on with your day! Much thanks to you for perusing and converse with all of you soon!